Currently the 2020 BIF Finals added $$$ is @


The more stallions and progeny enroll...the more U run at!...check back weekly!


• Enrolled progeny are eligible to run in the BIF Finals during the 2020 BRN4D Finals July 24-26, 2020 in sunny Oregon City, Oregon!
• ANY Progeny of an enrolled BIF Stallion [check back weekly for new stallions] is eligible to enroll for a lifetime membership fee of $100.  All progeny enrolled prior to 1.1.2020, do not re-enroll.  To run at the 2020 BIF Finals, your progeny MUST be enrolled by June 30, 2020
• Stallion enrollment is still open.  Enrollment closes June 30, 2020.  Enroll here

Q & A
• Do I have to be a member of BRN4D to enter the BIF Finals | YES
• Do I have to qualify to run at the BRN4D Finals [you only have to run at 6 BRN4D races to qualify] to be able to run at the BIF Finals | NO
• May I roll my time from the BRN4D Finals into the BIF Finals | YES
What will be the entry fee to run at the BIF Finals | TBA
• Will there be an office charge at the BIF Finals | NO
• Will there be a late fee and when is the deadline | YES - TBA
• How will it pay out | 5D - 100% of the 2020 BIF Incentive Pot - 70% Entry Fee - 2 Go's  + Average
• Does this efffect the BIF Futurity and Derby Incentive | NO - payout will be the same as in the past and the 2020 selected races are posted here.
•  Please contact Sharee below with any other questions.